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Immediate effect

'Immediate Effect', Big Circle project / INOC project, Kiev, July 4 – September 8, 2019, at M17 Contemporary Art Center,  Kiev, Ukraine

©Copyright Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hancock  All rights reserved.

Saturation Point presented the work of a group of artists based in the UK as part of the Big Circle international curatorial project exposition with KNO at Kiev’s M17 gallery,as follows:

Felix Baudenbacher, Amelia Bowles, Deb Covell, Antoine Langenieux Villard, Matthew Tyson,

Theresa Poulton, Morrissey & Hancock.

The Big Circle exhibition marks the unprecedented engagement of artists from all around the world, working in the field of contemporary non-objective art.

The exhibition catalogue is a unique documentation of the latest artistic practices rooted in the ideas of the Ukrainian avant-garde, which has spread all over the world.

“By developing further the ideas of Ukrainian avant-garde artists, the Big Circle international collaboration project of contemporary non-objective art became a logical extension of the direction the renovated M17 Contemporary Art Center had set in late 2018. And the importance of non-objective artistic experiments accordingly is to be found not only in the pictorial plane. The artists' practice of eliminating recognizable objects from their artworks are the search for alternative ways to communicate with the world, the intention to re-find the original intuition lost with the end of the pre-linguistic period in human history.

The M17 Center’s desire to promote greater cultural integration of Ukrainian society in contemporary world processes exists alongside an adherence to facilitate the preservation of Ukrainian national and cultural identity in the context of globalization. Therefore, the Big Circle project is also a relevant demonstration of possibilities to continue the traditions by other means, taking into account the conditions of the present time

We are grateful to the Kno Kyiv Non Objective art association, to the curators and artists of the Reflex Wall, CCNOA, Dac Dolceacqua, West Projects, Biennale Internationale d'Art Non Objectif, e9a, Saturation Point, Teksas, divisible projects, and Adamovskiy Foundation for co-organizing the project”.

Nataliia Shpytkovska

Director of M17 CAC