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Projected Topographies  |  Sandra Crisp, Jockel Liess & Susan Eyre

Saturation Point, 10-12 November 2022

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Saturation Point presents three artists with unique approaches to film, incorporating the study of form, surface and location.

Sandra Crisp: E_Life uses 3D-generated animation to present a digital environment populated with intensely textured and dynamic geometry.

Multiple and continually transforming organic forms, each originating from a simple 3D sphere, are structured and surface-mapped with eclectic visuals such as emojis, fragmented images borrowed from 24-hour online rolling-news media, and others downloaded via a search engine. Particle systems generate repeated, yet varied, objects throughout the film, which appear to have a life of their own, suggesting the possibility of a simulated future/ nature.

Jockel Liess: Variations on a theme is a generative audio-visual system which starts from a point of fascination with the aesthetics of irregular organic patterns.

Visually as well as sonically, the aesthetic of natural patterns thrives on their intrinsic imperfection; they are never distributed evenly or in an orderly way, they never replicate themselves. Rather, they are reoccurring variations that form a recognisable tapestry of familiarity across an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable structure. Prospering from the tension that arises between repetition and asymmetry, they playfully inhabit the borders between order and randomness.

Susan Eyre: Aóratos transports the viewer between everyday locations and terrains that are visually transformed via the use of an endoscope, a microscope, and cameras launched in a high-altitude balloon.

The film takes the precept that wormholes exist in our universe, and imagines journeying through hidden landscapes, distorted space/time and alternative perspectives. Envisaging potential encounters with cosmic strings, space foam, primordial chemistry, radioactive particles and escaping gravity the work conjectures on the enduring allure of traversing a wormhole.