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Sunday Salon 23  |  Eric Butcher  | An End Always has a Start


Saturation Point, Deptford, London. 18 Sept 2022.

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Eric Butcher’s recent work represents a significant departure from the creative approach he has become known for over the past couple of decades. Driven by a profound re-evaluation of his studio practice coupled with extreme environmental anxiety, he has deconstructed his former work, pulling it apart both intellectually and physically, peeling the skins of paint from their supports and categorising them according to a basic taxonomy. The resulting skins, fragments and traces of paint are presented sandwiched between sheets of glass like specimens. They provide a record or index of past artistic endeavours, a ‘natural history’ of his creative self. He has, in addition, made an extraordinary undertaking; to use only those materials already available in the studio - using up, re-purposing and recycling what he already has without consuming more. When he has run out of materials he will simply stop making art.