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White Circle  |  Sunday Salon 19  

Saturation Point Projects, May 2022

©Copyright Patrick Morrissey and Clive Hancock  All rights reserved.

White Circle brings together a large group of outstanding  international non- objective artists with a focus on the geometric, reductive core which underpins the genre.

The aim of the exhibition is to connect and unite all the artists in a show of solidarity and support for our friends in Ukraine, having to endure unbelievable hardships because of the illegal Russian invasion of their country.

The exhibition will highlight Kyiv’s amazing cultural contribution to the world and celebrate one of their most famous sons - Kazimir Malevich.

The White Circle artists have been asked to respond to the ideas and aesthetics of ‘White on White’ 1918. The painting is one of Malevich's most important works, and after completing the piece he said: "I have overcome the lining of the coloured sky. . . . Swim in the white free abyss, infinity is before you. "

Works will be presented as unique high quality A4 lustre professional DPII 230gsm prints and will be available for sale for £30 each from the not-for- profit organisation, Saturation Point Projects, on two of the viewing days (14th and 15th May) and also by emailing Patrick Morrissey at

100% of the sale of each work will go directly to the Kyiv Non Objective (KNO) art organisation, which will distribute funds to artists in Kyiv and Ukrainian artists in need who have been evacuated.  

Organised by Deb Covell and Saturation Point Projects, directed by London artists Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock in close co-operation with our international partners:

t e k s a s (DK) West Projects (AUS) EST art foundation (NL)

Special thanks to Tiberiy Szilvashi (UA) and Serhiy Popov (UA) for contributing with advice and support for the project.

Saturation Point Projects, Acme studios, 165 Childers Street, Deptford, London SE8 5JR

Exhibition dates: 14 and 15 May 2022, then  by appointment until 29 May.

Alan Hathaway - SOLD

Anton Logov

Arleta Cehic - SOLD

Arvid Boecker - SOLD

Beth O’Grady

Beverly Rautenberg - SOLD

Billy Gruner  and Sarah Keighery - SOLD

Clare French

David Goerk - SOLD

Deb Covell - SOLD

Dolf Verlinden - SOLD

Don Voisine - SOLD

Eva Francova - SOLD

Gerda Kruimer - SOLD

Grace Wychowanska - SOLD

Heather Jones

Ian Boutell- SOLD

Ivo Ringe - SOLD

Jeffrey Cortland Jones - SOLD

Judith Duquemin - SOLD

Karen Foss

Karin Beyens - SOLD

Kieran Brimm


Lars Strandh - SOLD

Iemke van Dijk - SOLD

Louise Blyton

Louise P Sloane - SOLD

Mice Poptsis - SOLD

Morrissey & Hancock - SOLD

Munira Naqui - SOLD

Oriane Stender - SOLD

Patrick O’Donnell - SOLD

Phil Illingworth - SOLD

René Collet

Roland Orepuk - SOLD

Serhiy Popov - SOLD

Shawn Stipling - SOLD

Stu Burke

Tiberiy Szilvashi - SOLD

Ulla Pedersen - SOLD

Wahida Azhari - SOLD

Yoella Razili - SOLD

Tarn McLean